Sinema Welcomes ASU Early Start Students

Aug 16, 2019

TEMPE — Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona State University alumna and lecturer, spoke with students in ASU’s Early Start program, which helps first-generation college students transition to university life.

“Education and hard work were my keys to opportunity, and I’m working to ensure every student gets his or her shot at the American Dream. ” Sinema said. 

Early Start programs offer ASU students an immersive, integrated experience of college life that gives them the tools they need to be successful at ASU at no cost. Sinema has spoken with members of the Early Start program each school year since 2014. 

Sinema is working to increase the affordability of education for Arizona students. She recently introduced the bipartisan Student Loan Tax Elimination Act that eliminates federal student loan origination fees, lessening the burden on students borrowing for college. She also helped secure a $2.5 million grant to Arizona State University to reduce textbook costs for students and their families.