Sinema Takes ‘Kyrsten Means Business’ Tour to Copper State Bolt and Nut Co.

Aug 15, 2019

Senator was joined by the Export-Import Bank Chairwoman Kimberly Reed and discussed the importance of the Bank for Arizona businesses

PHOENIX – Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema brought her “Kyrsten Means Business” tour to Copper State Bolt and Nut Co. in Phoenix to meet employees, learn about challenges and opportunities facing Arizona businesses, and discuss the importance of renewing the Export-Import Bank. Sinema was joined by Export-Import Bank Chairwoman, Kimberly Reed.
Copper State Bolt and Nut Co. is a second-generation, family-owned business manufacturing construction products and industrial supplies.
“Renewing the Export-Import Bank will provide certainty to Arizona businesses like Copper State Bolt and Nut and ensure our manufacturers can compete and win on a level playing field with foreign companies,” Sinema said.
Sinema is leading the effort to support Arizona jobs and increase business opportunities by introducing a bipartisan 10-year reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank ahead of the bank’s expiration on September 30th. 
Over the past year, the Export-Import Bank helped 37 Arizona businesses, including Copper State Bolt and Nut Co., finance more than $57 million in exports, creating good jobs in Arizona and growing the state’s economy. For a total list of Arizona exporters utilizing the Export-Import Bank click HERE.