Sinema Tours United Aviate Academy in Goodyear

May 17, 2022

Senator chairs Senate Aviation Subcommittee; secured critical upgrades to every Arizona airport in bipartisan infrastructure law

GOODYEAR – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema toured the United Aviate Academy in Goodyear following a Senate Aviation Subcommittee field hearing focused on aviation safety, efficiency, and economic opportunity. On the tour, Sinema saw firsthand the importance of having a talented, robust workforce for the aviation industry to continue experiencing economic growth.
“I’m honored to tour the United Aviate Academy and witness how Arizona continues to lead the nation in aviation by investing in our pilots of tomorrow. I’ll continue working to ensure the entire aviation workforce receives the support and resources to be successful,” said Sinema, Chair of the Senate Aviation Subcommittee. 
Sinema’s tour of the academy followed Sinema’s field hearing examining pilot supply in the United States and considering proposals to strengthen the pipeline for all aviation careers. During the tour, Sinema highlighted the historic investments her Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law makes in aviation infrastructure, including $15 billion in priority projects at every airport in the United States, $5 billion in competitive grants for terminal development and other landslide projects, and $5 billion in grants for strengthening Air Traffic Control towers and infrastructure.
Arizona airports are expected to receive a total of at least $360 million in additional federal support over the next five years from Sinema’s bipartisan infrastructure law.
The United Aviate Academy intends to train nearly 5,000 new pilots by 2030, offering a hands-on learning experience complete with technologically advanced aircrafts and student housing at the 340,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art facility. The United Aviate Academy is committed to expanding flight school accessibility for historically underserved communities who want to train to become a pilot.