Thanks to Sinema’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Arizona Families See Increased Access to Affordable Internet

May 16, 2022

Arizonans can apply for affordable high-speed internet through GetInternet.Gov

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law invests over $14 billion in affordable internet, creating the Affordable Connectivity Program that allows Arizona families to access high speed internet at more affordable rates through GetInternet.Gov. 
“Our bipartisan infrastructure and jobs law expands affordable high speed internet access for Arizonans across our state – including in rural and tribal communities – so children can learn, workers can do their jobs, and seniors can access telehealth services. I encourage all Arizonans in need of affordable internet to apply for our Affordable Connectivity Program at GetInternet.Gov,” said Sinema, co-author and negotiator of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law and member of the Senate Commerce Committee.
Sinema’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law makes historic and sweeping investments in repairing and upgrading America’s critical infrastructure, including $65 billion to deploy high-speed broadband, expand broadband internet access, and help families afford broadband service. Specifically, Sinema’s law invested over $14 billion to make internet more affordable and required internet providers to offer a low-cost option to participate in federal broadband deployment funding.  Following passage of the infrastructure law, the Federal Communications Commission established the Affordable Connectivity Program using the funding Sinema secured to help Arizonans access affordable internet. The program provides eligible families $30 a month toward their internet bills, $75 a month toward internet service in tribal areas, and Arizonans can apply at GetInternet.Gov.