Sinema: Our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is Making Yuma Safer & Economically Stronger

Aug 4, 2023

Senator’s bipartisan infrastructure law has made historic investments in Yuma’s airport, roadways, internet access, farms, and more

YUMA – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema convened Yuma County leaders with the Yuma Economic Development Council to detail how her landmark bipartisan infrastructure law boosts growth, advances economic development, and fuels opportunity in the region.
After writing, negotiating, and passing the bipartisan infrastructure law through Congress in November 2021, Sinema has maintained a laser-focus on convening stakeholders to implement the investments she secured so cities like Yuma get the federal dollars they’re due.
“I had Yuma in mind throughout my negotiations of our bipartisan infrastructure law – and I’m ensuring Yuma gets its fair share of federal dollars from our law so Yuma can continue to grow and thrive,” said Sinema.
Yuma County has strongly benefitted from investments Sinema secured for the region in her bipartisan infrastructure law. 
From Sinema’s law, Yuma International Airport received $1.1 million to replace decades-old flooring and improve safety and accessibility for travelers and employees alike. 
In a major win for the region, Sinema’s law supported a $8.5 million RAISE Grant for the Wellton-Mohawk Canal to Aberdeen Road Project – completing the final design for approximately 9 miles of safety improvements on US Highway 95.
The Senator has additionally authored multiple letters to the Administration in support of Yuma grant applications that enhance safety, efficiency, and economic opportunities. Sinema’s advocacy on behalf of Yuma’s grant applications is a direct result of her meetings with local leaders and community members to hear about how she can champion their priorities on the federal level. 
Sinema also spoke about how, between the 2020 federal appropriations bill and her bipartisan infrastructure law, she secured full funding for the San Luis Port of Entry upgrade project – modernizing the port to better secure the border and keep families safe while improving cross-border trade, supporting strong careers, lowering costs, and tackling supply chain challenges by getting goods to Arizona communities faster.
During the roundtable, the Senator emphasized that she expects Yuma to continue receiving record investments from her bipartisan infrastructure law. Sinema pledged to continue being a partner in accessing these funds and advocating for Yuma.
Participants in Sinema’s roundtable included Yuma City Administrator Jay Simonton, Greater Yuma Economic Development Council President Julie Engel, Yuma International Airport Director Gladys Brown, Arizona Western College President Dr. Daniel Corr, Trax International President and CEO Brian Thompson, Somerton Economic Development Director Marlene Lara, San Luis Assistant City Manager Jenny Torres, Greater Yuma Port Authority Executive Director Buna George, Yuma Center for Excellence for Desert Agriculture Associate Director of Research Stephanie Slinski, and more.