Sinema & Ciscomani Talk Local Priorities with Graham & Greenlee County Leaders

Aug 7, 2023

Senator recently launched her Rural Development Working Group to develop and deliver lasting solutions to the issues facing rural communities

THATCHER – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Arizona Republican Congressman Juan Ciscomani held a roundtable with local leaders from Graham and Greenlee Counties to discuss their communities’ priorities. 
“I’m focused on the implementation of our bipartisan infrastructure law to ensure Greenlee and Graham Counties get their fair share of federal dollars. I’m grateful to Congressman Ciscomani and local leaders for their partnership in getting things done for Greenlee and Graham Counties,” said Sinema.
“From city council to local business owners, our community leaders have a unique pulse on the needs of each of our communities. It was great to spend time in Thatcher with Senator Sinema today to discuss how we can be strong federal partners to our cities and counties, and hear directly from local leaders across Graham and Greenlee Counties,” said Ciscomani.
Sinema and Ciscomani discussed with local elected leaders a range of topics impacting their communities – including accessing health care, strengthening water security, addressing workforce challenges, and rebuilding outdated infrastructure. 
Earlier this year, Sinema launched her Rural Development Working Group – an assembly of local leaders from rural communities across the state – to deliver real results on the issues impacting families and communities in rural Arizona.
Local leaders participating in Sinema and Ciscomani’s roundtable included Safford Mayor Jason Kouts, Clifton Mayor Laura Dorrell, Eastern Arizona College President Todd Haynie, Greenlee County Supervisor David Gomez, Graham County Supervisors Paul David, John Howard, and Clay Mack, Thatcher Councilmember Heston Welker, Thatcher Councilman Mark Vining, Graham County Chamber of Commerce Corina Reyes-Pino, Arizona School Boards Association President James Bryce, and more.
Link to photos HERE.