Sinema Introduces Amendment Securing the Border, Boosting Resources for Border Communities

Dec 22, 2022

Sinema’s amendment to the end-of-year government funding bill boosts border security funding, increases resources for border communities, and extends Title 42 until a proper plan is in place

WASHINGTON– Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema introduced an amendment to the end of the year funding bill to help solve the crisis at our southern border by boosting border security funding, increasing resources for our border communities, and extending Title 42 until a proper plan is in place.

“This year’s historic levels of border crossings at our southern border make clear the status quo is not working. Our amendment boosts funding for border security, increases resources for border communities, and extends Title 42 until a proper plan to manage the crisis at our border is in place,” said Sinema, Chair of the Senate Border Management Subcommittee.
Sinema’s amendment secures the border in part by:

  • Providing $85 million for immigration judges and to enhance the immigration court process 
  • Providing $80 million for increased U.S. Attorneys at our southern border to prosecute crimes committed at the border
  • Providing $140 million for increased detention federal detention for smugglers and other criminals
  • Providing $100 million for increased drug enforcement at the border
  • Providing $330 million for two additional Joint Processing Centers at the southern border
  • Providing over $350 million for CBP soft sided facilities
  • Providing over $250 million for CBP transportation and fuel
  • Providing over $175 million for CBP Temporary Duty and overtime pay
  • Providing over $140 million for USBP contracting, recruitment, and retention
  • Providing over $100 million for additional CBP OFO officers
  • Providing over $100 million for medical care
  • Providing over $200 million for non-intrusive inspection equipment to stop drugs from reaching our neighborhoods
  • Providing $200 million for filling in gaps in the border wall
  • Providing $500 million for ICE transportation
  • Providing $425 million for alternatives to detention
  • Providing $250 million to family case management
  • Providing $60 million for attorneys who prosecute those who enter illegally
  • Providing $74 million for Homeland Security investigations to target and disrupt smugglers
  • Providing over $1 billion to increase ICE detention capacity
  • Providing over $200 million to deport illegal immigrants
  • Providing over $1.7 billion for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, with $225 million aside for capital infrastructure investments to build out shelter capacity across the southern border