Kelly & Sinema awards grants to hire more law enforcement

Oct 24, 2022

Kelly & Sinema awards grants to hire more law enforcement


By Dillon Fuhrman

Arizona Senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has awarded $3,375,000 in federal grants.

Particularly, this funding comes from the DOJ’s Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

Also, the grants will go to Pima County, Casa Grande and Glendale’s police departments.

This is for them to hire additional full-time law enforcement professionals.

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Concurrently, these fund will break down and go to the three places in Arizona.

Firstly, Pima County received $1,750,000 for them to hire 14 new law enforcement professionals.

Secondly, Casa Grande received $1,250,000 for them to hire 10 new law enforcement professionals.

Lastly, Glendale received $375,000 for them to hire three new law enforcement professionals.

All of these sums up to $3,375,000.

Kelly and Sinema’s reasons

“As the son of two police officers, I know how critical it is for law enforcement to have the resources needed to keep our families and communities safe. The funding we secured will allow Arizona cities to hire and train more police officers without putting a strain on local budgets,” said Kelly.

Additionally, “Arizona’s law enforcement officers bravely risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Today’s grants will expand hiring and rehiring of police officers in Pima County, Casa Grande, and Glendale – helping ensure our communities are safe and secure,” said Sinema.

Response from Pima County, Casa Grande and Glendale
“We applaud Senators Sinema and Kelly for helping us to secure this important $1.75 million COPS grant that will allow the County to hire an additional 14 sheriff’s deputies,” said Pima County Board of Supervisors Chair Sharon Bronson.

Not only that, the mayors of Casa Grande and Glendale shared similar appreciation to Kelly and Sinema.

They also concur that the COPS program will help ensure the public of Casa Grande and Glendale will be safe.