Sinema discusses her Bipartisan Safer Communities Law

Oct 21, 2022

Sinema discusses her Bipartisan Safer Communities Law


By Dillon Fuhrman

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema hosted a roundtable with education leaders at Phoenix College.

During the meeting, Sinema discussed her Bipartisan Safer Communities Law, a law made to reduce community and school violence.

In addition, the law specifically targets Arizona and the entire nation.

Before the meeting, Sinema toured the college’s Paramedicine Lab to see students training to be paramedics.

That and see how her law bolsters efforts to save lives.

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“We kept first responders in mind while negotiating our Bipartisan Safer Communities law, so I’m glad to see firsthand how it boosts training resources for paramedics and first responders, expands mental health access for students and families, and, ultimately, saves lives,” said Sinema.

Nationwide shortage of EMTs
Also, Sinema and the education leaders discussed the ongoing nationwide shortage of EMTs, a result of the pandemic.

Not only that, Sinema emphasized the need to find solutions to help schools meet the challenges of recruiting and retaining first responders.