What Arizonans are saying about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Aug 31, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema

  • A historic $110 billion investment to upgrade America’s roads and bridges
  • $65 to strengthen electricity grids around the country and promote resilience of power infrastructure to prevent outages
  • The strongest investment ever in clean drinking water—with more than $8 billion to strengthen water systems throughout the American West, including creating or conserving 100,000 acre feet of water yearly at Lake Mead
  • $65 billion to deploy high-speed broadband, expand broadband internet access, and help families afford broadband service 

What are Arizonans Saying?

Arizona County Supervisors Association (President Steve Gallardo)
“Arizona counties are very pleased to see the U.S. Senate pass the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This historic investment in roads, bridges and broadband infrastructure is critical to improving economic competitiveness and enhancing public safety across our state. Local county officials know first-hand the harmful consequences of inadequate and degrading infrastructure. We see the barriers to economic development created by underinvestment in transportation. And, we hear directly from our residents and business-owners who struggle with internet access and reliability. Economic progress requires investment in addressing these problems. We applaud Senator Sinema for her leadership working across the aisle to craft this vital legislation, and we urge all the members of Arizona’s Congressional delegation to support the bill.
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters (Dan Langford, Executive Secretary-Treasurer and CEO)
“The bipartisan deal is an historic investment in our future. Meeting this moment is more than just fixing roads and bridges, expanding clean transit and energy, and protecting drinking water – it is about creating good-paying jobs, increasing economic prosperity, and giving tens of thousands of hard-working people a shot at the American dream. Carpenters are ready to build better. We look forward to making sure this bill gets across the finish line and delivers for working families.”
Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors (Bruce Bracker)
“It is very exciting to see that the Senate has just passed a key piece of legislation that invests in our nation’s infrastructure. The leadership on this issue by Senator Sinema and her fellow senators from both sides of the aisle is the type of bipartisan effort that will have a long lasting impact on our nation’s economy. For Santa Cruz County, infrastructure investments will mean new jobs, sustainable economic development and increased trade and tourism with Mexico.”
The Nature Conservancy in Arizona (Dan Stellar, State Director)
The infrastructure bill invests in nature as a solution and will lead to clean water, resilient communities, healthy forests, wildlife habitats, and clean air we all need – and something that Arizonans strongly agree upon. It’s a major step forward for American prosperity, safety and sustainability.  We are grateful to Senator Sinema for leading this effort, and all those who helped craft a bill that supports investment in our nation’s critical infrastructure.”
Coconino County (Matt Ryan, Board Chairman)
“We applaud Senator Sinema for leadership in passing the Bi-partisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. The Board has identified wildfire and post-wildfire flooding as the number one public safety threat to our communities. From the Schultz to the Museum to the Rafael fires, we have seen firsthand that we can either invest in advance to restore unhealthy forests or we can pay much more when they burn and their damaged watersheds flood our communities. This is why we are especially excited about her efforts to include $5.3 billion for wildfire risk reduction and forest restoration projects. These funds are critical to reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfire and post-wildfire flooding and the impact on lives, property, economies, and the environment while supporting infrastructure to build strong and resilient communities. We commend Senator Sinema for her incredible leadership in making this legislation a reality and are grateful for her support.”
Experience Scottsdale (Rachel Sacco, President & CEO)
By providing much-needed funding for airports and roads, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act not only benefits the traveling public but also the cities and towns reliant on tourism for economic stability. The framework will ensure that as more and more people return to the roads and skies, they will move through our communities with ease.” 
Greater Phoenix Leadership (Neil Giuliano, President & CEO)
“Greater Phoenix Leadership applauds the United States Senate for its efforts to pass a comprehensive infrastructure funding package, and thanks Senator Sinema for her leadership on this important legislation. This investment in our nation’s infrastructure will allow for significant improvements in our roads, water systems, bridges, and airports. It is long overdue. In addition to these necessary improvements, the practical benefits of this legislation’s passage include the creation or continuation of dependable and high-paying employment opportunities for Arizonans that have been so desperately needed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (full text available HERE) proposes the strongest investment in America’s critical infrastructure in more than a century without raising taxes on everyday Americans.
The legislation is the result of bipartisan negotiations led by U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Rob Portman (Ohio), with Senators from both parties and President Biden. 
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