What Arizona is saying about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Sep 15, 2021

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act led by Senator Kyrsten Sinema

  • A historic $110 billion investment to upgrade America’s roads and bridges
  • $65 to strengthen electricity grids around the country and promote resilience of power infrastructure to prevent outages
  • The strongest investment ever in clean drinking water—with more than $8 billion to strengthen water systems throughout the American West, including creating or conserving 100,000 acre feet of water yearly at Lake Mead
  • $65 billion to deploy high-speed broadband, expand broadband internet access, and help families afford broadband service 

 What are Arizonans Saying?

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
“Last year taught us many lessons. None more glaring than our need as human beings to connect with each other and although this commonality applies to all cultures, it’s especially important within the Latino community. Significant investments must be made in the areas surrounding our airports, roads, bridges and notably broadband. Beyond 2020, history has long revealed our need to reimagine these platforms of progress. They aren’t simply tools that help us for today…they’ll prepare us for a better, more prosperous tomorrow.”
San Luis, Arizona Mayor Gerardo Sanchez
“The City of San Luis has been facing tremendous infrastructure challenges and we are grateful to Senator Sinema and her colleagues in the Senate for their steadfast work in securing the investments to make our community and our nation safer, more competitive and ready for the future. The investment in our port of entry is critical for the safety of the CBP officers that staff the port and the traveling public that uses it every day.”
Douglas, Arizona Mayor Donald Huish
“Because of Senator Sinema’s outstanding leadership on the Bi-partisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, Arizona will be a prime beneficiary of much-needed infrastructure improvements.  Her leadership in securing $3.85 billion for land ports of entry will ensure that Douglas will be able to update and modernize its current Raul H. Castro port of entry and build a new commercial port, which will translate into more jobs and commerce coming to Douglas and all of Arizona.  We applaud Senator Sinema for her hard work on this important bi-partisan legislation.”
Flagstaff, Arizona Mayor Paul Deasy
“I commend Senator Sinema’s work in drafting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. One of the many benefits of the legislation for the community of Flagstaff will be increased access to broadband, which has been proven to encourage economic growth and decrease socioeconomic inequality. Thanks to Senator Sinema for leading this bi-partisan effort that invests in our nation’s critical infrastructure and gives our communities the resources they need to thrive.”
Gladys Brown, Yuma Airport Director
“The bipartisan cooperation resulting in passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act shows that our leaders understand the challenges ahead and have come together to provide integral funding of public works projects spread amongst a number of industries, all across the United States. For our local Airport, this funding alongside previous appropriations will help tremendously in supplementing our ability to continue capital improvements despite the global pandemic. As the Airport and our community recover, to have bipartisan legislation enacted shows a very promising future for each of our industries and businesses which support one another. We appreciate Senator Sinema’s role in helping make this a reality.”
Payson, Arizona Mayor Tom Morrissey
“For a community located in the middle of a forest and on the top of a mountain, we face daily challenges of sustainability. Therefore, what Senator Sinema is attempting to bring to the table will address existential challenges we in the Rim Country face on a daily basis. Catastrophic fire prevention, water quality issues, and road conditions drive our daily lives. I have experienced the benefits of a dedicated public servant such as Senator Sinema in the execution of my duties as the Mayor of Payson. I trust her judgement because I have seen her in action.”