U.S. Senator Sinema visits Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to discuss funding

Apr 18, 2019

U.S. Senator Sinema visits Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to discuss funding



TUCSON – United States Senator from Arizona Kyrsten Sinema spent a couple of days in southern Arizona to meet with border and military officials.


Senator Sinema sat down with DM50, a non-profit organization that educates the community on the vital role Davis-Monthan Air Force Base plays within the region.


Many local civil and business leaders shared their concerns and requests.


“With the recent executive order pulling funding from some military installations some of the projects at Davis-Monthan are at jeopardy,” she said. “So I have been working closely with our colonel on base and of course with our local community partners to protect those funding streams and also to ensure they are moving forward on priorities on future projects at Davis-Monthan.”


Over the past couple days, Senator Sinema said that she also met with border patrol officials to work on finding solutions to help relieve the migrant crisis.


“I think the reason Arizona is seeing less of this crisis than our neighboring states such as Texas and California is really a function and a result of the intense coordination between Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents, our DPS officers, our county and city police departments really working in coordination together through a joint command that has allowed us to have a situational awareness and ability to interdict that exceeds what California and Texas have been able to do,” she said.


Senator Sinema said that as she heads back to Washington, she will share what she has learned on this trip with other state leaders to help them deal with the border crisis.