Student Loan Payments Paused After Sinema’s Urging

Aug 19, 2021

Sinema urged Biden administration to consider Arizona families paying off other debts accumulated during pandemic—
Following Sinema request, student loan payments now paused until January 2022

WASHINGTON – Following the urging of Arizona’s senior U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the Biden Administration extended its pause on federal student loan payments until January 2022.
“Extending the pause on student loan payments will help Arizonans get back on their feet as our economy recovers from the pandemic,” said Sinema.
In her letter, Sinema and her colleagues urged the President to extend the pause on federal student loans because doing so will help Arizona families pay off other debts accumulated during the pandemic. She also said providing a temporary financial cushion will alleviate the economic strain on Arizona families as the economy finds a new normal. The final extension of the student loan pause will remain in place through the end of January 2022.
Click HERE for Sinema’s letter.