Sinema Works to Maintain United States’ Leadership in Aviation Safety

Mar 27, 2019

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema today spoke at the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation and Space’s hearing on airline safety, highlighting the need to maintain U.S. leadership in aviation safety so the aviation industry continues to be a major economic driver for Arizona.
“Tragedies like the Ethiopia Air and Lion Air crashes raise important questions about maintaining a safe national airspace and U.S. leadership in aviation and safety,” said Sinema, ranking member of the Aviation and Space Subcommittee. “It is imperative that we quickly fix any problems within FAA’s oversight, evaluation, and approval processes to ensure safety in American skies.”
In today’s subcommittee hearing, Sinema questioned witnesses, including Federal Aviation Association Administrator Daniel Elwell, on how the FAA can ensure they consistently oversee safety evaluations of aircrafts and what recommendations they have to ensure the U.S. remains a leader in aviation safety.