Sinema: VA Must Protect Arizona Veterans’ Personal Data

Sep 25, 2020

Following reports of a data breach at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Sinema called for increased oversight, accountability, and security 

WASHINGTON– Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema called on the Department of Veterans Affairs to increase its oversight, accountability, and security of veterans’ personal information following a data breach at the VA that affected a reported 46,000 veterans across the country.
“Arizona veterans rely on the VA to receive critical care and benefits they’ve earned, and they deserve assurances that their private information will be kept safe and secure,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.
In Sinema’s letter she underscored that the data breach at the Department of Veterans Affairs is completely unacceptable. Sinema called for the VA to undertake a number of oversight, accountability, and security measures to ensure data breaches cease to happen at the VA and Arizona veterans know their information will be stored safely and securely.
Read Sinema’s full letter HERE.