Sinema Urges Administration to Help Arizona Families Afford High Energy Bills

Oct 23, 2023

Senator & bipartisan colleagues urged the administration to request highest possible funding for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program that helps Arizona families afford home energy bills

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema and a bipartisan group of senators urged the administration to support strong funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that assists lower-income Arizona families with their high energy bills as budget discussions continue.

“Arizonans struggling to pay their high energy bills deserve support as they care, feed, and support their families. We’ll keep pressing the administration to get Arizonans needed relief,” said Sinema.

The financial strain of rising costs has increased the need for utility assistance in Arizona – increasing the number of Arizonans who need LIHEAP funds for cooling and heating costs throughout the year. Sinema’s letter ensuring funding levels remain at the highest possible levels comes as Arizona state and local agencies are operating under increased demand and Arizona households struggle with rising costs.

LIHEAP targets and serves the most vulnerable households – such as older Americans, individuals with disabilities, and lower-income children. This program helps these households pay their utility bills and prevents disconnection of essential energy services.

Sinema has repeatedly pushed the administration for strong support to lower-income Arizona families who are struggling to pay their energy bills.