Sinema Underscores the Need to Close the Digital Divide in Arizona

Jun 13, 2019

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on FCC oversight highlighted the many Arizonans who lack connectivity and are on the wrong side of the digital divide. Sinema underscored the need to close the digital divide and provide connectivity for those who lack basic access.
“While some Arizonans look forward to fast 5G networks and connected self-driving cars, let’s remember that many Arizonans have been left on the wrong side of the digital divide. It is imperative that we win the race to 5G, but we cannot lose focus on those who still have zero Gs,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee.  
Sinema is a longtime advocate for closing Arizona’s digital divide, working to ensure every Arizonan can access quality high-speed internet and the opportunities that come with it. This year, Sinema championed the ACCESS Rural America Act, which directs private investment in rural broadband. Additionally, last year Sinema signed a bipartisan letter to the FCC urging them to make public investments to connect rural communities with dependable voice and internet services.
As a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, Sinema has spoken in multiple hearings on the need to expand 3G connectivity in rural areas and improve broadband mapping. In February, Sinema shared the concerns of Arizonans living in Sunscape, an RV resort in Pinal County, who lacked reliable cell service. The residents could not reliably call 911 in the event of an emergency. Sinema underscored that in the conversation around 5G connectivity, all Arizonans must have reliable 3G connectivity. Shortly after the hearing, Verizon Wireless confirmed they would build a cell tower to service the residents of Sunscape.