Sinema Talks Veterans’ Mental Health at Glendale’s New Veterans’ Treatment Court

Dec 12, 2022

Senator helped secure grant establishing new Veterans’ Treatment Court
Senator’s Bipartisan Safer Communities law invests in such evidence-based approaches to reducing violence

GLENDALE – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema hosted a roundtable with local leaders at the Glendale City Court to discuss its new Veterans’ Treatment Court, which Sinema helped advance, and how her Bipartisan Safer Communities law supports such evidence-based approaches to reducing violence.
“Coming from a military family, I’ve seen firsthand how overwhelming it can be to transition out of military service and back to civilian life. Thoughtful approaches like Glendale’s new Veterans’ Treatment Court, fueled by our Bipartisan Safer Communities law, ensure we’re caring for veterans and keeping Arizona a safe place to call home,” said Sinema, author and negotiator of the Bipartisan Safer Communities law.
For years, Sinema’s office has actively engaged with the VA and key stakeholders on the development of a Veterans’ Treatment Court in the West Valley. In addition to providing the City of Glendale’s presiding Judge Nicholas DiPiazza with critical information and resources, the Senator’s office also amplified the City’s application to the Bureau of Justice Assistance grant funding program with her support. In December of 2021 the federal grant of $197,235 was officially awarded to establish a West Valley Veterans’ Treatment Court.
The mission of Veterans’ Treatment Courts is to promote public safety through a collaborative effort by establishing individualized treatment plans and providing the tools necessary for successful community reengagement and mitigating recidivism by justice-involved veterans. 
Earlier this year, Sinema negotiated, wrote, and ushered her Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law – legislation reducing community and school violence by expanding mental health resources for vulnerable populations. A major provision of Sinema’s landmark legislation is funding evidence-based approaches to mitigating violence like the Veterans’ Treatment Court.
Participants in Sinema’s roundtable included Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, Vice Mayor Jamie Aldama, Presiding Judge Nicholas DiPiazza, Councilmember Ian Hugh, Councilmember Ray Malnar, and members of Sinema’s Veterans Advisory Council.