Sinema Talks Economic Growth & Competitiveness with Latino Business Leaders

Jan 12, 2023

Senator discussed a variety of topics with Latino leaders from diverse retail business sectors, including recovery from the pandemic and growing Arizona’s economic competitiveness

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema held a roundtable discussion last week with Latino business leaders from diverse retail business sectors to hear about the economic challenges and opportunities facing Arizona’s Latino business community.
“Businesses of all sizes and backgrounds have been hit hard by the pandemic, record inflation, supply chain delays, and workforce shortages. I’m laser-focused on growing economic opportunities across our state – and I’m proud to count the Latino business community as a key partner in strengthening Arizona’s economic competitiveness,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Commerce and Banking Committees. 
Sinema discussed a number of the challenges and opportunities facing the Latino business community, including expanding businesses through grants, loans, and tax credits, as well as her work in ensuring businesses are not subjected to burdensome red tape and policies that stifle economic growth and innovation.
During the roundtable, Sinema expressed a desire to improve existing tax credit programs to make them work better for small businesses, including programs aimed at helping small businesses and workers afford their health insurance premiums and child care, and credits aimed at employee retention. 
The Senator’s roundtable with Latino business leaders is the latest in a series of events with diverse economic partners across Arizona to help cut red tape and lower costs for businesses. Last year, Sinema met with the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to discuss growing opportunities for Hispanic-owned businesses across Arizona.