Sinema Talks Economic Freedom, Opportunity at Arizona Chamber of Commerce’s Annual ‘Update From Capitol Hill’

Apr 13, 2023

Senator detailed bipartisan efforts she has led to fuel a healthy economy where all Arizonans benefit

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke about her work strengthening economic freedom and opportunity during her keynote address and Fireside Chat at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce’s annual “Update From Capitol Hill” lunch.
During the lunch, Sinema highlighted how the landmark laws she’s written – like the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law and the Chips and Science law – support a healthy economy where Arizonans benefit from better career opportunities and lower costs.
“Arizonans expect our leaders to set aside political games, work together, make progress, and then get out of the way so we can build better lives for ourselves and our families. I’ll always stay focused on solving problems for the everyday Arizonans I’m honored to serve and the state I love,” said Sinema. 
Sinema updated the Arizona Chamber of Commerce on her work in the Senate to fuel innovation and expand opportunities across Arizona. As Chair of the Senate Government Operations Subcommittee, Sinema continues to work across the aisle to cut red tape and burdensome regulations to help Arizona businesses expand, hire, and compete.
During her keynote address, Sinema highlighted how her bipartisan record of success, like her Chips and Science law, positions Arizona to lead the next phase of American research, innovation, and manufacturing. Sinema’s Chips and Science law provides more than $52 billion to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing, reduce reliance on foreign countries like China, and enhance the United States’ global competitiveness.
With projects underway in Arizona, Sinema’s bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law ensures Arizona’s economy continues to thrive by making historic investments to strengthen broadband, airports, wildfire mitigation, water systems and drought resilience, and more – all without raising taxes on everyday Arizonans.