Sinema Statement on the Senate’s Failed National Security Supplemental Vote

Dec 6, 2023

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema released the following statement on the Senate’s failed national security supplemental vote: 

“Right now, Arizona’s border is in chaos while terrorists and fascists like Hamas and Putin work to destroy and destabilize democracies across our globe. Majorities on both sides of the aisle agree we need to boost border security, support Israel, and beat Putin, but once again partisan politics stand in the way of action.

Partisans’ approach of demanding all or nothing results in getting nothing for the American people. Meanwhile, Arizona continues to shoulder the burden of the humanitarian and security nightmare caused by a broken border system, while Hamas, Putin, and their friends in Iran, China, and North Korea continue to wreak havoc across our world. 

Enough is enough. Partisans must stop parroting the same, tired political talking points and join me in taking action, boosting our national security, and passing real solutions to the border crisis.” 

Sinema is a member of the bipartisan group working on border security policies in the U.S. Senate.