Sinema Statement on National Defense Bill

Jul 2, 2020

Critical funding for Luke Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, Yuma Proving Ground, and the Arizona National Guard included in NDAA

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema secured multiple Arizona military priorities in this year’s annual defense bill currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate. Funding for critical projects at Luke Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, Yuma Proving Ground, and the Arizona National Guard are included in the NDAA.
“Arizona’s servicemembers put their lives on the line to keep us safe and secure, and I am committed to equipping them the support and resources needed do their jobs and maintain Arizona’s leadership in America’s national security,” said Sinema.
“The Huachuca 50 is grateful for the leadership of our Senators who listened to the needs of the community and ensured that the National Defense Authorizations Act for 2021 addresses some of Fort Huachuca’s most pressing needs. These include more than $34 million for a new Defense Information System Agency laboratory on Fort Huachuca, welcome changes to the DOD medical program, and increased support for Sentinel landscape. The Huachuca 50 looks forward to working with our elected officials during the remainder of this Congress,” said the Huachuca 50.
“Camp Navajo, by virtue of its close proximity to rail lines and forests, is a strategic location to establish wood utilization businesses. For Northern Arizona University, this action will help our Ecological Restoration Institute team advance the goal of creating a forest operations and training center that will support the forest industry and fuel job creation in northern Arizona,” said Rita Cheng, President of Northern Arizona University.
“The West Valley Defense Alliance is incredibly thankful for Senator Sinema’s continued advocacy for Arizona’s defense industry and military assets, like Luke Air Force Base. With her support, the Senate authorized $9.1B for 95 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft to build a 5th Squadron at Luke. Her input on the NDAA will have a lasting positive impact on Arizona’s military installations and defense industry, and the WVDA deeply appreciates her tireless commitment to ensuring our warfighters have the equipment and resources necessary to keep our nation safe,” said Lynndy Smith, Chair, West Valley Defense Alliance.

Funding for F-35s at Luke Air Force Base

  • Sinema secured $5.5 billion for 60 F-35s for the Air Force. The F-35s are the next generation of strike fighters and provide increased aero-performance, stealth signature and countermeasures. Its advanced avionics, data links and adverse weather precision targeting incorporates the latest technology available.  

Repair and Replace for Luke Air Force Base’s Gila Bend Turn-around

  • Sinema ensured the Secretary of the Air Force will conduct an assessment and provide a briefing to Congress detailing the operational requirements for Air Force Reserve and Air Guard airfields, specifically Gila Bend, in addition to the state of airfields where runway degradation currently poses a threat to operations. The assessment is the first step to repairing and replacement Gila Bend.

Prohibits the Retirement of the A-10 Program at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

  • Sinema secured continued support for the A–10 Thunderbolt II program at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, prohibiting the retirement of A-10 airplanes in FY21. 

Funding for Compass Call aircraft at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

  • Sinema secured $193 million for procurement of the Compass Call aircraft. The Compass Call capability is the Air Force’s premier wide-area coverage Airborne Electronic Attack Offensive Counter Information weapon system.

Funding to Protect Land for Fort Huachuca 

  • Sinema secured $100 million for the Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration program, allowing the Department of Defense to partner with conservation trusts to acquire land. The land will be used to protect Fort Huachuca from commercial or residential encroachment that could undermine training or the use of the airspace.

Increase focus on Water Resiliency at Fort Huachuca

  • Sinema secured a mandate for the Army to brief Congress on lessons learned from the Net Zero Initiative Pilot Program to ensure the Army is a better steward of natural resources.  

Funding for the Defense Information Systems Agency Laboratory Building at Fort Huachuca

  • Sinema secured $33.7 million for military construction on the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Laboratory Building at Fort Huachuca. The DISA Lab Building will consolidate Joint Interoperability Test Command (JTIC) operations, which are currently located in temporary trailers, into a modern facility at Fort Huachuca. JITC testbed facility will provide global testing capabilities, which extends to the entire spectrum of DoD, Federal government, private industry, and allies in support of commands and control, intelligence and defense reform initiative.

Secured Funding for Yuma Proving Ground’s Free Fall School Ready Building

  • Sinema secured $14 million for military construction of a “Ready Building” the Military Free Fall School at Yuma Proving Ground.
  • The Ready Building will consist of twelve 20-person sleeping bays, multi-purpose/dining area, day rooms, latrines, locker rooms and showers, laundry room, reception area, student luggage storage room, covered training area, and building support space. It will provide permanent facilities and infrastructure for living and sleeping areas for an average daily load of 202 students attending the Military Free Fall School at Yuma Proving Ground.

Secured Funding for the Special Operations Forces Hangar

  • Sinema secured $49.5 million for military construction of a Special Operations Forces Hangar at Yuma Proving Ground

Secured Camp Navajo Land Conveyance

  • Sinema secured the authorization of a land conveyance at Camp Navajo. 

Secured Continued Support for KC-135 Tankers for the 161st Refueling Wing

  • Sinema secured continued support for the KC-135 tanker aircraft until FY23. The KC-135 Stratotanker is a proven and crucial airframe for aerial refueling.

Funding for the Tucson National Guard Readiness Center

  • Sinema secured $18.1 million in military construction for a Tucson National Guard Readiness Center. The construction of a 86,759 square footNational Guard Readiness Center will support training, administrative, and logistical requirements for the Arizona Air National Guard. This facility will be built on state land and designed to meet mission requirements for the 222 Transportation Company.  

In addition to Arizona priorities, the NDAA supports a total of $740.5 billion in fiscal year 2021 funding for national defense, including, national security programs within the Department of Energy, Overseas Contingency Operations and military construction. The NDAA also includes a 3 percent pay raise for servicemembers, creates opportunities for spousal employment and child care. Additionally, the bill prioritizes modernization and investment in technologies like hypersonic weapons, biotechnologies and cybersecurity to maintain our strategic advantage over Russia and China.