Sinema Speaks with University of Arizona Students

May 20, 2022

Senator thanks students interested in working in national security for their commitment to keeping Arizona and the United States safe and secure

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke with students from the University of Arizona about their aspiring careers in national security and dedication to serving Arizona and the United States.
“I was honored to speak with students from the University of Arizona who are dedicating their studies and careers to keeping our nation safe and secure. They have my best wishes as they work towards making our state and country a safer place,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. 
The group of 20 University of Arizona students are all aspiring national security professionals with a particular interest in national intelligence, security, and countering extremism. 
Throughout her time in Congress, Sinema has consistently supported measures keeping Arizonans safe and secure while ensuring servicemembers and their families have the resources and support needed to do their jobs successfully. During the call, Sinema stressed the importance of taking care of servicemembers so that they can focus on their mission – including reducing suicide, preventing sexual violence, increasing access to childcare, and financial security.
Sinema underscored to the students her work in defense modernization, which is critical for Arizona’s competitive advantage. Defense modernization supports the state’s top universities, where Arizonans research hypersonics, microelectronics, data analytics, and more, ensuring they keep pace with the military’s evolving needs. 
While talking to students, Sinema emphasized her leadership on key bipartisan policies such as her COMPETES Act – legislation boosting America’s global leadership, spurring job creation across Arizona, and addressing supply chain challenges by investing in American manufacturing of semiconductors. In addition to strengthening national security, increasing semiconductor production in Arizona helps reduce prices and shipping delays for electronic goods while creating thousands of high-paying jobs.