Sinema Speaks with Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce About Expanding Economic Opportunities for Arizona Businesses, Receives ‘Advocate for American Business’ Award

Aug 22, 2022

Senator honored for her support of pro-growth policies driving Arizona’s small business economy forward

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce about her work expanding economic opportunity, lowering prices, and advancing pro-growth policies for Arizona’s business community. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce presented Sinema with the Advocate for American Business award, highlighting her role in creating jobs and spurring innovation across Arizona.
“I’m honored to receive the Advocate for American Business award. I’ll always work to protect and strengthen small businesses across our state – and I look forward to continuing to deliver lasting solutions expanding our state’s competitiveness, fueling innovation, and creating opportunity for Arizonans,” said Sinema. 
Roughly 99.5% of Arizona’s businesses are small businesses, underscoring the importance of advancing pro-growth policies that promote economic competitiveness and ensure small and mid-sized businesses have the resources they need to thrive.
Sinema shared with the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce her role in shaping the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed into law this week, to ensure it met her two main goals: helping Arizona’s economy grow and compete, and boosting drought and climate resources for Arizona and the entire American West.
For over a year, Sinema heard from local employers across Arizona underscoring their concerns with changing tax policies that would hinder their ability to create jobs, grow our economy, and compete. Sinema has been consistent that she supports tax reforms and revenue options that target tax avoidance, make the tax code more efficient, and support Arizona’s economic growth and competitiveness. Sinema acknowledged to the Chamber that, at a time of record inflation, rising interest rates, and slowing economic growth, disincentivizing investments in Arizona businesses would hurt Arizona’s economy’s ability to create jobs, so she ensured the Inflation Reduction Act helps Arizona’s economy thrive. 
Sinema also recognized that Arizona’s economic prosperity hinges on the state’s water security and future, which is why she withheld her support for the Inflation Reduction Act until significant resources for drought resiliency were included. The final package includes an extra $4 billion for drought mitigation, funding Sinema and Arizona water experts insist was necessary to preserve shrinking water levels and enhance water reliability in the American West.