Sinema Shares Unwavering Support for Israel & Jewish Community with Arizona AIPAC

Oct 30, 2023

Senator heard from members of Arizona’s Jewish community about their concerns following the terrorist attack against Israel, the hostages currently held by Hamas, and rise of antisemitism

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Arizona American Israel Public Affairs Committee to hear from members of Arizona’s Jewish community about their concerns following the terrorist attack against Israel, the hostages currently being held by Hamas, and the rise of antisemitism. The Senator shared her firm and unwavering support for Israel and its right to defend itself against terrorism and the Jewish community.

“Israel is a beacon of hope for the Jewish community in Arizona and across the world. I’m ensuring our greatest ally in the region has the support it needs to defend herself against terrorism,” said Sinema.

The Senator – a long-term and unwavering supporter of Israel – discussed with Arizona AIPAC actions she is taking in the U.S. Senate to support Israel as it combats and roots out terrorists.

Sinema recently introduced the bipartisan Revoke Iranian Funding Actwhich freezes $6 billion in Iranian assets held in Qatar. Sinema’s bipartisan legislation prevents the Iranian regime – one of Hamas’s largest supporters – from accessing and using the funds currently held in Qatar to finance terrorist attacks against Israel or any other nation. The bill also directs the U.S. Treasury Secretary to study all high-value Iranian assets around the world currently blocked by U.S. sanctions and report these findings to Congress – that way Sinema and her colleagues have the information needed to enact further targeted legislation if necessary.

Following the terrorist attacks against Israel, Sinema urged President Biden to quickly transfer requested defense weapons to Israel as it defends itself against terrorism.

Throughout her time in Congress, Sinema has consistently voted to strengthen America’s commitment to Israel, and ensure Israel is fully equipped to defend itself against its enemies. Sinema’s first vote as Arizona’s senior Senator was to vote for the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, affirming the friendship between America and Israel.