Sinema Secures Arizona Military Priorities in Senate-Passed Annual Defense Bill

Dec 15, 2021

Sinema secured funding for Luke Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, MCAS Yuma, Yuma Proving Ground, the Barry M. Goldwater Range, and the Arizona National Guard
Sinema-shaped bill increases mental health care for servicemembers, helps ensure servicemember safety, boosts semiconductor manufacturing, improves water management in Southern Arizona, supports Arizonans harmed by radiation, and upgrades schools on military installations

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema secured multiple Arizona military priorities in this year’s annual defense bill, which passed the U.S. Senate with bipartisan support. Funding for critical projects at Luke Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Fort Huachuca, MCAS Yuma, Yuma Proving Ground, the Barry M. Goldwater Range, and the Arizona National Guard—along with Sinema’s provisions focused on servicemember safety and mental health care, water management in Southern Arizona, and school upgrades on military installations—are included in the annual defense bill.
“Arizona servicemembers and our military community are critical to America’s national security, and I remain committed to ensuring they get the resources and support needed to keep Arizona and America safe and secure,” said Sinema.
“The West Valley Defense Alliance is incredibly thankful for Senator Sinema’s continued advocacy for Arizona’s defense industry and military assets. With her support, the Senate authorized $4.4 billion for F-35 Aircraft at Luke, along with $28 million for a new Aircraft Maintenance Unit facility to support the 6th Squadron of F-35 Aircraft. We also thank Senator Sinema for fighting to include preventing the retirement of A-10s at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.  Her input on the NDAA will have a lasting positive impact on Arizona’s military installations and defense industry. The WVDA deeply appreciates her unwavering commitment to ensuring our warfighters have the equipment and resources necessary to keep our nation safe,”
said Lynndy Smith, Chair, West Valley Defense Alliance (WVDA).
“The Mesa Industry and Defense Council is proud to partner with Senator Sinema and all that she included as priorities for this year’s defense bill. All of Mesa, the East Valley and Arizona benefit from the investments to our industries. As we continue to partner across the state with Yuma Proving Ground and other installations and community groups, passage of the NDAA remains critical. We thank Senator Sinema for all she does to support the defense industry and Arizona,”
said Sally Harrison, President, Mesa Industry and Defense Council (MIDC).
“DM50 appreciates the continued support for Davis-Monthan by Senator Sinema.  Specific to the 2021 NDAA, we are excited that the Wilmot gate is fully funded and the Compass Call conversion is on track.  We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Senator to promote future DM missions and ensure our Airmen’s needs are met,”
said Linda Morales, President of the DM50.
“Once again, Washington has recognized Southern Arizona is the best place in the Nation for our military to test, train, and operate. The investments made not only recognize our unique abilities as a region, but look toward the future as we face evolving global threats,”
said Robert Medler, Chair, Southern Arizona Defense Alliance (SADA). “I would like to thank Senator Sinema not only for her leadership fighting for Southern Arizona’s military installations and communities, but also recognizing the important needs of service members and their families.”
“The Yuma 50 and our military partners are grateful to see the work that has gone into this legislation. Protecting the future of these assets are clearly a priority for the Senator and we are very grateful. We now want to see this legislation cross the finish line,”
said Julie Engel, Chair of the Yuma 50.
“Once again, all of Arizona benefits from the hard work and attention to critical industries by Senator Sinema in Washington, D.C.  Our military partners throughout Arizona are important threads woven into the fabric of Arizona’s economy over many years.  Chamber leaders are acutely aware of widespread financial benefits our towns and cities receive due to growing military investments.  Federal dollars invested in our Arizona military priorities turn over many, many times.  We are particularly grateful for Senator Sinema’s continued prioritization of these key entities through the annual NDAA funding process.  Her leadership on this front helps strengthen the backbone of Arizona’s economy at a critical time,”
said Julie Pastrick, President, Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce and Northern Arizona Military Affairs Council (NAMAC).
“The Huachuca 50 is grateful for the leadership of the Arizona Congressional delegation in securing authorization in the National Defense Authorization Act for projects that increase the resiliency of Fort Huachuca.  The Huachuca 50 looks forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with Arizona’s  elected officials. We thank Senator Sinema, Senator Kelly and Representative Kirkpatrick for their attention to the needs of Fort Huachuca,”
said the Huachuca 50.
The Sinema-backed annual defense bill also includes language based on the Senator’s Downwinders Parity Act—calling for support to Arizonans experiencing sickness from exposure to radiation in Mohave County, a 2.7% pay raise for servicemembers, a two-year deadline to complete PFAS testing at military installations, and provisions to support military spouse employment.
Luke Air Force Base
$4.4 billion for F-35 Aircraft
$28 million for new Aircraft Maintenance Unit facility to support the 6th Squadron of F-35 Aircraft
$21 million for a new facility to support the operations of the 6th Squadron of F-35 Aircraft

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Protects the A-10
Secures $270 million for state-of-the-art COMPASS CALL Aircraft
Provides $13.4 million in funding for South Wilmot Gate, creating a new entry point on the south side of Davis-Monthan

Fort Huachuca
Secures $50 million for Defense Community Infrastructure Program
Secures $150 million for Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration

Requires assessment of flight safety risks posed by the location of the Yuma County Fairgrounds in the flight path of MCAS Yuma, and the feasibility of relocating the fairgrounds
Provides $29.3 million for Combat and Water Survival Training Tank training complex

Yuma Proving Ground
Declares support for the Extended Range Cannon being developed at Yuma Proving Ground

Barry M. Goldwater Range
Increases airspace for Barry M. Goldwater Range

Arizona National Guard
Requires assessment on Air National Guard F-16 self-protection capabilities to help begin modernization
Limits reductions in the Air Force refueling fleet, supporting Arizona Air National Guard, 161st Air Refueling Wing 

Arizona Servicemembers
Includes a 2.7% pay raise for servicemembers
Includes Sinema’s Servicemember Safety and Security Act—legislation ensuring coordination and communication between military units and outside law enforcement agencies in the event of missing servicemembers, strengthening the safety and accountability of servicemembers
Includes Sinema’s Alexander Lofgren VIP Act—legislation named in honor of an Arizona veteran allowing servicemembers, veterans, and Gold Star families to access National Parks and federal lands free of charge
Increases occupational license portability for military spouses, helping improve military spouse unemployment
Improves the Military Family Advocacy Program to prevent and stop child abuse
Increases access to mental health care for servicemembers 
Includes Sinema’s provision to prioritize construction, renovation, and repair of schools on Arizona military installations  
Includes Sinema’s provision to modernize health measurements for servicemembers

Arizona Military Community
Includes Sinema’s legislation reauthorizing the Donation Acceptance Program, allowing public-private partnerships at U.S. Ports of Entry and CBP to accept donations of property and technology to better secure the border and process trade 
Calls for support to Arizonans experiencing sickness from exposure to radiation in Mohave County
Improves water resources management in Arizona, requiring the DOD to work with local stakeholders to ensure water stewardship in Southern Arizona
Secures $300 million for hypersonic technology research and development, fueling innovation at Arizona universities
Improves Additive Manufacturing Research and Development, boosting manufacturing in Arizona
Requires report on Tactically Responsive Space Launch Operations, helping Arizona aerospace industry
Supports the Army’s the Improved Turbine Engine Program, developed in Mesa
Provides $494 million for the AH-64, manufactured in Mesa
Provides $138 million for Tomahawk Missiles, manufactured in Tucson