Sinema Questions Treasury Secretary, Federal Reserve Chairman About Rising Prices and Supply Chain Issues

Dec 1, 2021

For an MP3 soundbite, click HERE.

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema questioned Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in a Senate Banking Hearing about the role supply chain disruptions have on rising prices and the way Sinema’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law can lower costs for families and make our supply chains more resilient.
“Arizonans are increasingly concerned about supply chain disruptions and inflation. In the bustle of the holiday season, families are frustrated to see delayed shipments and empty shelves. Ongoing disruptions reduce available supplies of goods, which tends to push prices higher, creating inflationary pressures,” said Sinema.
The Sinema-sponsored bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law makes historic investments in America’s core infrastructure. The law modernizes land ports of entry to ensure they have the capacity to process goods Arizonans need, includes billions in freight rail investment to get goods inland to cities and towns in Arizona and around the country, and improves roads, bridges, and transit to reduce delays in trucking.