Sinema Presses Administration For Answers on Preparation of Land Ports of Entry Once Title 42 Ends

Mar 16, 2023

Senator seeks answers from the General Services Administration on its plan to handle the anticipated surge of migrant encounters once Title 42 ends

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Chair of the Senate Border Subcommittee, expressed her concerns to the General Services Administration that it has not properly prepared the country’s Land Ports of Entry to handle the increased migrant processing after Title 42 ends, while at the same time maintaining regular trade and travel.
“Title 42 will end soon, but GSA has not provided CBP with the resources it needs to secure our ports of entry, keep Arizona communities safe, or ensure the humane treatment of migrants,” said Sinema, Chair of the Senate Border Management Subcommittee.
The Administration announced it will end COVID-19-related emergency declarations on May 11, which will also remove the basis for Title 42. With planning models indicating that migrant encounters could rise to 11,000-13,000 per day after Title 42 ends, the Senator has serious concerns over General Services Administration’s preparations to handle the immediate large surge of encounters.
Sinema and Republican Senator James Lankford (Okla.) shared their concern that Customs and Border Protection has not been equipped with the infrastructure or resources they need to keep Arizona safe and secure while effectively managing trade and travel – which is critical for Arizona’s economy. Both senators are seeking answers on their plans to manage Land Ports of Entry – specially to mitigate the expected overcrowding due to the migrant surge.
Customs and Border Protection does not own the Land Ports of Entry they operate. Instead, the General Services Administration is the landlord and building superintendent. This creates red tape when CBP needs to perform maintenance or make facilities upgrades. This letter follows  Sinema and Lankford’s introduction of bipartisan legislation allowing the CBP Commissioner to repair ports of entry.
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