Sinema & Pima Community College Talk Education, Employment Opportunities for Arizona Students

May 17, 2023

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Pima Community College to discuss efforts strengthening education and employment opportunities for Arizona students – including reauthorizing the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and expanding flexibility for Pell Grants.
“Education was my key to opportunity – and like many Arizonans, I started my education in community college. I’m working with Arizona community colleges to ensure students have the resources to grow, thrive, and pursue their dreams,” said Sinema.
During the meeting, Sinema voiced support for the bipartisan reauthorization of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act – legislation designed to strengthen America’s workforce by connecting individuals with high-quality careers and helping employers recruit and retain skilled workers.
The Senator also highlighted the need to bolster the short-term Pell Grant program to ensure current and future generations of Arizona students have access to quality education programs. Throughout her time in Congress, Sinema has worked across party lines to restore year-round Pell Grant eligibility, so that Arizona students have more flexibility in using a Pell award. She also voted for bipartisan budgets that delivered increases in Pell Grant funding.
Sinema is working to make college more affordable and accessible for Arizona students. Earlier this year, the Senator introduced the Affordable College Textbook Act – legislation saving Arizona students and their families money on college textbooks – and the Student Loan Tax Elimination Act – legislation eliminating federal student loan origination fees.