Sinema, NATIVE HEALTH Discuss Providing Accessible, Affordable Care for Arizona Tribal Communities

Jun 2, 2023

Senator addressed challenges and opportunities in ensuring tribal communities can access critical services from urban Indian health centers

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with health professionals with NATIVE HEALTH – an Arizona-based primary medical care provider – to hear their critical needs in providing quality health care and services to tribal communities.
“NATIVE HEALTH and Arizona-based urban Indian health centers are key partners ensuring Arizona tribal communities can access affordable health care and services they need,” said Sinema.
Sinema and NATIVE HEALTH discussed the funding challenges and priorities that are unique to urban Indian organizations (UIOs), and how she can help secure the necessary support to deliver these funds.
The Senator voiced her support for several efforts that would strengthen Arizonans in tribal communities’ access to NATIVE HEALTH services, such as increasing funding for the Special Diabetes for Indians Plan, protecting critical health care programs, and prioritizing behavioral health and substance use disorder resources.
NATIVE HEALTH started in 1978 as a small community nursing program. The agency has grown over its 45 year history to offer a full array of health care and social services throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.