Sinema Meets with Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn

Jan 23, 2024

Senator secured a provision in recent FAA reauthorization legislation that empowers Buckeye to develop 940-acre of land to relieve traffic congestion and allow Buckeye small business to continue thriving

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Buckeye Mayor Eric Orsborn in his visit to the nation’s capital. The Senator and Mayor Orsborn discussed their partnership in delivering real solutions to Buckeye and Arizona.

Mayor Orsborn and Sinema discussed her work in securing a provision in the recent reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) legislation that empowers Buckeye to use important 940-acre of land for development – relieving the growing traffic congestion and allowing Buckeye’s small businesses and economy to continue thriving.

“I’m grateful for partnerships with local leaders like Buckeye’s Mayor Eric Orsborn as we work to deliver innovative, lasting solutions on the issues that matter most. Great catching up with you, Mayor!” said Sinema.