Sinema Meets with Arizona Farmers to Ensure Farm Bill Meets Arizona’s Needs

Sep 21, 2023

In meeting with Arizona Farm Bureau, Senator discussed her work shaping the 2023 Farm Bill to ensure key Arizona priorities are accomplished

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with farmers, cattlemen, and ranchers with the Arizona Farm Bureau to discuss accomplishing key Arizona priorities in the 2023 Farm Bill. The Senator routinely meets with farming stakeholders to ensure she shapes the Farm Bill to meet Arizona needs – and earlier this year, the American Farm Bureau honored Sinema with the Golden Plow Award for her work delivering lasting solutions to strengthen Arizona’s agricultural industry.

“I’m working side-by-side with the Arizona Farm Bureau to ensure our upcoming Farm Bill meets Arizona’s needs — strengthening our water future, addressing workforce challenges, and fueling a healthy economy — so our state continues to grow and thrive,” said Sinema.

In the meeting, Sinema discussed her work shaping the Farm Bill to ensure Arizona priorities are met – including submitting the WOLF Act into the Farm Bill to provide relief to Arizona farmers and producers whose livestock have been harmed by Mexican gray wolves.

The Senator consistently meets with Arizona farmers, ranchers, and agricultural leaders about the challenges and opportunities facing their industry – including Arizona’s water supply and future, the current border and immigration system, and labor shortages. Sinema partnered with the Arizona Farm Bureau to shape her bipartisan infrastructure law to address many Arizona farming priorities, like meaningful investments repairing and improving outdated water systems.

In response to the worsening drought conditions facing farmers in the American West, Sinema launched a Water Advisory Council at the Hoover Dam last summer – an assembly of Arizona water experts and key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds – to develop solutions securing the region’s water future.

Between Sinema’s bipartisan infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction law she shaped, the Senator has secured more than $12 billion in drought relief and Western water funding. Sinema regularly meets with farmers, stakeholders, irrigation groups, tribal leaders, and her Water Advisory Council to ensure the funding is implemented efficiently and effectively.