Sinema Meets with Water Management Leaders Monitoring Nogales Sewage Problem

Jul 17, 2019

WASHINGTON — Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema recently met with leaders from the International Boundary and Water Commission, which monitors the sewage that flows across the border from Mexico into Nogales, AZ.

“Right now, the people of Nogales are forced to pay for Mexico’s sewage costs. That’s not fair, and we’re working to fix the problem so Nogales residents only pay for their responsibility,” said Sinema.

Sinema joined the Arizona delegation in supporting the bipartisan Nogales Wastewater Fairness Act, which protects Nogales taxpayers by fixing the outdated financial agreement over the sewage pipeline infrastructure that treats waste from both Sonora and Arizona and ensures that Nogales is charged only for their portion of the costs to maintain the infrastructure.