Sinema Making Grant Process More Accessible for Rural, Underserved Communities

Nov 28, 2023

Sinema-backed bill simplifies outdated, burdensome grant process to expand accessibility for historically underserved communities

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema cosponsored the Streamlining Federal Grants Act – bipartisan legislation making federal grants more accessible and effective by streamlining outdated, burdensome grant processes. 

As she travels the state and meets with Arizonans from diverse backgrounds and communities, Sinema consistently hears about the need to streamline the grant process to help local nonprofits, schools, and businesses – particularly in rural communities – navigate resources. 

“Often, small organizations and local offices in rural and underserved communities lack the resources to navigate unnecessarily complicated grant processes. Our bipartisan bill makes the process simpler so all Arizona communities can easily access the dollars they need,” said Sinema. 

Currently, each federal agency has its own grant application process – making it more difficult for local entities to navigate and apply for funds that are relevant to the challenges they face. The Sinema-backed Streamlining Federal Grants Act requires federal agencies to provide notice of potential funding opportunities in clear and concise language. 

The commonsense bill aims to make the grant processes more uniform and easier to navigate to increase rural and other historically underserved communities’ involvement in grant applications and awards in an effort to deliver more dollars to the projects that need them most.