Sinema, Local Arizona Restaurant Owners Discuss Industry Challenges & Opportunities

Jul 10, 2023

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with local restaurant owners from Arizona to discuss how they can continue working together to ensure restaurants across the state have the resources needed to thrive.
“Arizona restaurants fuel a healthy economy across our state – employing hundreds of thousands of hardworking Arizonans. We’ll keep working side-by-side to expand economic opportunities and ensure Arizonans can enjoy the food they love,” said Sinema.
Throughout her career Sinema has stood up for Arizona’s restaurant and culinary industry – ensuring restaurants can keep their doors open, provide food for the community, boost travel and tourism, and support hardworking Arizonans with strong careers.
During the height of the pandemic, Sinema worked with Republican Senator Roger Wicker (Miss.) to pass a $28.6 billion Restaurant Rescue Plan to help small and independent Arizona restaurants survive the uncertainty. 
The Arizona Restaurant Association helps its members become leaders in their communities through building customer loyalty, escalating awareness of food safety and healthy living, bolstering a thriving industry and rewarding workforce, and increasing financial success.