Sinema, Lankford Introduce Bill Improving Federal Telework

Oct 20, 2023

Legislation improves telework opportunities for Arizona federal workers, including military spouses who often change location due to military orders

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Senator James Lankford (Okla.) introduced the Telework Reform Act – legislation improving telework opportunities for Arizona federal workers, including military spouses.

“We’re cutting costs and expanding career opportunities by improving federal telework for Arizonans and military spouses who rely on telework to stay employed when moving due to military orders,” said Sinema.

“As the structure of the work environment and the culture of the workforce changes we are seeing more and more remote workers. This is a great recruiting tool for military and law enforcement spouses who wish to support their loved ones while also pursuing their own career,” said Lankford. “The spouse of a Border Patrol agent working in the small town of Eagle Pass, TX might not be able to find a job that fits their education or training, but remote work for a federal agency may be a great opportunity. By re-thinking how the government uses remote work, we are encouraging federal agencies to hire in diverse communities across the country; instead of requiring our workforce to be centralized in Washington, DC. We should allow both people to serve their nation and build a career.”

Sinema and Lankford’s legislation improves federal telework opportunities for Arizonans and military spouses by ensuring flexibility in the federal workforce for positions to go to the best and most qualified candidates. 

The Telework Reform Act especially empowers military spouses who move often due to military orders and cannot work from a single office or location. This legislation complements Sinema and Lankford’s Military Spouse Employment Act, which ensures military spouses may continue their careers as they move with the military.

Sinema and Lankford’s bill also cuts costs for the federal government and improve productivity with enhanced training, monitoring, and support. This legislation is part of Sinema’s work of expanding opportunity and flexibility for Arizonans in a fast-changing and evolving economy.