Sinema, Kelly Secure Major Arizona Investments in Annual Budget Bill

Mar 11, 2022

WASHINGTON – Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly announced major federal investments they secured across Arizona. These investments, funded through the Fiscal Year 2022 federal appropriations legislation, will better equip law enforcement, upgrade water infrastructure, expand access to health care, and more.
“Working across the aisle, we secured investments in Arizona helping empower local communities to strengthen their water infrastructure, law enforcement, health care services, and more – today’s announcement is a win for our state and for hardworking families trying to make ends meet,” said Sinema.
“From providing new equipment for law enforcement and better job training facilities for students to building a new health care center to serve north Maryvale, these projects are going to have a direct impact on Arizona communities across the state,” said Senator Kelly. “After months of work with Arizona mayors and other local leaders, we are going to make key investments that create great-paying jobs, get Arizonans the skills they need, and make sure our state remains the best state to live, work and raise a family.”
“Thank you Senator Sinema for securing funding for the Willard Apartments Improvements. Like other cities in the country, Tucson is feeling the impacts of housing affordability. This federal investment will ensure the completion of several housing units to bring relief to working families,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero.
“The City of Glendale is grateful for the federal funding provided in the FY2022 Omnibus. Investments in water management and public safety are incredibly important to me and my citizens. The funding brought forth by our two U.S. Senators and Congressional delegation will allow the City of Glendale to upgrade our 9-1-1 Call Center, replace an outdated public safety mobile command center, and create a pipeline to move water between Glendale, Phoenix and Peoria during emergencies,” Mayor Jerry Weiers, City of Glendale.

Breakdown of successful projects secured by Sinema and Kelly in the Fiscal Year 2022 budget legislation:


Project Name/Location

Funding Amount


City of Superior – Workforce, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Center


The Town of Superior will create an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center to stimulate new businesses, a workforce training center to train residents in the high-paying skilled trades in demand in local industries, and a full-service multigenerational center to attract workers to new industry jobs and to live in the community.

City of Glendale – Mobile Command Center


Glendale’s Mobile Command Center will provide updated technology to serve law enforcement functions and also serve as a backup Emergency Operations Center for frequent large events and potential natural disasters in the region.

Town of Mammoth – Public Safety Patrol Vehicles


The Town of Mammoth will purchase new and reliable patrol vehicles with this funding.

Cochise County Sheriff’s Office – Public Safety Equipment


The Sheriff’s office will implement a new monitoring program and purchase ballistic shields to protect personnel from gunfire. They will also purchase safety and radio equipment to support Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers, as well as buy a large capacity prisoner transport vehicle.

Lake Havasu City – Police Station & Jail Refurbishment


Lake Havasu City will upgrade and rehabilitate the nearly 30 year old police station and jail to provide a new roof and HVAC system, replace the flooring and existing cast iron waste system, and upgrade the jail cells, doors, locks and fire safety system.

Army Corps of Engineers – Lower Santa Cruz River Study at Eloy


The proposed project is to continue the Lower Santa Cruz River Feasibility Study with a focus on the Eloy Levee/Channel project, which is designed to mitigate Santa Cruz River flooding for the community of Eloy, Arizona.

Army Corps of Engineers – McCormick Wash Flood Control Study


The McCormick Wash is a nearly century old earthen tunnel that has fallen into disrepair and partially collapsed due to erosion. It is only a matter of time until it collapses further, threatening flooding in the city of Globe. This funding will jumpstart a flood control project to protect the city from flooding, an investment which would protect the federal government from more costly mitigations caused by a potential flood.

Army Corps of Engineers – Rose and Palm Garden Washes Small Flood Control Project


Douglas, a community that relies on tourism and cross-border trade through its port of entry, experiences significant flooding in the Rose and Palm Garden washes and oftentimes much of the City can be under a foot of water or more. This flood control project is necessary to protect the area and the international trade that drives the region’s economy.

Army Corps of Engineers – Little Colorado River at Winslow Levee Project


This funding will cover planning, engineering, and design costs for the Little Colorado River at Winslow Levee project, which will protect Winslow, AZ and a critical transcontinental rail crossing from flooding.

GSA – DeConcini Port of Entry Feasibility Study


This study is the first step needed towards potential upgrades to improve the efficiency of trade and travel, as well as port security. The DeConcini Port is an important pedestrian and personal vehicle land port of entry and has not seen updates since the 1990s.

Pinal County – Emergency Operations Center


Pinal County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be renovated, improving the operational coordination, communication, and public information for one of the fastest growing counties in Arizona.

City of Sedona – Emergency Operations Center


This will expedite the renovation and remodeling of the existing public safety facility to meet the needs of the police department and serve as a small emergency operations center (EOC).

Mohave County – Bank Street Channel Stormwater Control


This will divert storm water to the existing Mohave Channel, which will alleviate flooding issues along Bank Street in front of the Kingman High School.

Town of Hayden – Sewer Line Replacement


This project will make critical upgrades to the Town of Hayden’s aging sewer lines which are at risk of failure, improving quality of life for the Hayden community.

Gila County – Forest Road 512 Repave


Gila County will apply an all-weather surface to Young Road, which is the sole access to the community of Young. This project will ensure that residents, visitors, and emergency services can access the community for work, emergencies, or services including a planned veterans center.

City of Flagstaff – Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project


Forests of the Intermountain West are threatened by a convergence of two significant factors: unnatural overstocking with small trees and weather conditions that contribute to the increasing severity, size and frequency of catastrophic wildfire. The City of Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project (FWPP) at Mormon Mountain will tackle those challenging elements of restoring forests within high threat areas, providing greater protection for the Flagstaff community from the health, public safety and economic impacts of fires and floods.

Gila County – Wildland Fire Prevention


Gila County will maintain their water tanks and storage facilities system in the area that allows for quick response aerial firefighting in partnership with the Tonto National Forest and local fire districts. This capability is essential to protect life and property in an area prone to wildfires and to fight fires early, saving on firefighting and recovery costs.