Sinema, Kelly to Biden: Keep Title 42 in Place Until Prepared to Act on a Comprehensive Plan

Mar 24, 2022

Removing Title 42 without a firm plan in place risks the health and safety of Arizona communities and migrants

WASHINGTON – Today, in a letter to President Biden, Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly expressed concerns that an abrupt end to Title 42 enforcement without a comprehensive response plan in place would greatly increase the strain on Arizona border communities, the Department of Homeland Security, and local nonprofits that are already near or at capacity due to the current border crisis. 
“We write to you to express our great concern about the lack of a specific plan from your Administration with respect to potential changes to the Title 42 Public Health authority which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has relied on at the border during the coronavirus pandemic. Given the impacts that changes to Title 42 could have on border communities, border security, and migrants, we urge your Administration not to make any changes to Title 42 implementation until you are completely ready to implement and coordinate a comprehensive plan that ensures a secure, orderly, and humane process at the border,” the Senators wrote.
“Different sectors and border communities will require different resources, so the plan must be developed in consultation with local government leaders and community organizations, including those providing services to migrants. Such groups in Arizona have not been consulted about Title 42 changes. Until the administration does that type of consultation with local government leaders and nonprofits along the border, it is premature to consider changes to Title 42 authorities,” the Senators continued. 

Sinema and Kelly’s letter discusses how Title 42 authority should not be used indefinitely, but points out that migrants and Arizona communities could be harmed if a Title 42 end is not accompanied by proper planning, coordination and resources.
Last June, Sinema and Kelly asked Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to proactively create a comprehensive plan in advance of an end to Title 42 and requested to be briefed on this plan. In their most recent letter, the Senators say they have not seen evidence that DHS has developed and implemented a sufficient plan. 
Recently, Sinema and Kelly secured critical federal funding to help Arizona manage the current migrant crisis, improve border security, and keep Arizona communities safe. Sinema and Kelly have continued to push the Biden administration for a plan that ensures a more orderly, secure, and humane border response. 
Read the Senators’ text of the letter HERE.