Sinema Joins Bipartisan Impact Aid Coalition to Support Schools on Federal, Military, and Tribal Lands in Arizona

Nov 4, 2019

Arizona receives the second largest amount of federal Impact Aid in the nation

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema joined the bipartisan Impact Aid Coalition to continue her longstanding support for public schools in Arizona through the Impact Aid Program. Sinema helped secure an $86 million increase to the program last year.

“Impact Aid ensures schools on federal, military, and tribal lands are equipped to provide Arizona students with a quality education. I’ll continue partnering with teachers and local leaders to ensure Arizona students have the resources they need,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Impact Aid Coalition.

Arizona is the second largest recipient of Impact Aid in the United States, receiving almost $215 million when fully funded. These federal funds support 76 Arizona schools and over 34,000 students. Impact Aid also provides critical funding to schools serving in military bases and Arizona’s 22 tribal communities. For many tribal schools, Impact Aid totals more than half of their overall funding.

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