Sinema Hosts Tele-Town Hall On Fueling a Healthy Economy for all Arizonans

Apr 26, 2023

With over 7,500 Arizonans participating, Senator discussed solutions to ongoing workforce shortages and the high costs of gas and groceries with everyday Arizonans

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema held a tele-town hall with over 7,500 everyday Arizonans to answer questions from everyday Arizonans on the state of the economy – including addressing the high prices of gas and groceries in Arizona, solving ongoing labor shortages, and creating strong careers in communities across the state.
The Senator was joined by Todd Sanders, CEO of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Dennis Hoffman, Executive Director of the ASU Seidman Institute for Economic Research to answer questions from Arizonans.
“In Arizona, we value our economic freedom. After the challenges of the past few years, Arizonans want the freedom and ability to spend our money as we’d like and be able to afford the items we need to build better lives. That’s why I’ve been proud to lead the passage of commonsense laws that increase economic opportunities and create strong Arizona careers,” said Sinema.
Sinema’s tele-town hall comes as Arizona ranks third in the nation for highest gas prices and Phoenix remains a national hotspot for inflation. 
The Senator spoke directly with Arizonans concerned about housing affordability, continuously high gas prices, rising costs of food and groceries, and general uncertainty about our economic future.
During the tele-town hall, Sinema highlighted how the landmark laws she’s written – like the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Chips and Science law – support a healthy economy where Arizonans benefit from better career opportunities and lower costs. Sinema’s infrastructure law puts thousands of skilled Arizonans to work building rail lines, roads, bridges, and restoring Arizona’s crumbling infrastructure, and her Chips and Science law supports tens of thousands of jobs in Arizona alone.