Sinema & Hopi Tribe Chairman Working to Strengthen the Tribe’s Access to Sinema-Secured Funding from Infrastructure & Energy Laws

Nov 13, 2023

Senator offered to help the Tribe break bureaucratic barriers and access funding they deserve from Sinema-led laws

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Hopi Tribe Chairman Timothy Nuvangyaoma to offer her support in accessing investments from the Sinema-led bipartisan infrastructure law and the Sinema-shaped energy and climate law. 

“Hopi Tribe deserves access to the investments we secured in our bipartisan infrastructure law and last year’s climate and energy law. We’re working to cut red tape and remove hurtful barriers to ensure the Tribe receives the funding they deserve to help their community grow and thrive,” said Sinema,co-author and lead negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure law.

During the meeting, Chairman Nuvangyaoma highlighted the need for the Administration to recognize the unique needs and circumstances of tribal communities when making funding decisions. Sinema committed to continuing to support Hopi’s priorities in accessing funding from historic climate laws she led and shaped.

Sinema offered to help cut through bureaucratic barriers and help the Tribe access the funding they deserve.