Sinema Helps Secure Housing for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness in Arizona

Oct 20, 2020

Following Sinema’s advocacy, U.S.VETS-Phoenix secured a new facility to house over 170 veterans in Arizona using CARES Act funds

WASHINGTON –Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema worked with the Mayor of Phoenix’s office and the Phoenix City Council to help U.S.VETS-Phoenix secure a new facility, helping house over 170 veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk for homelessness in Arizona.
“I am thankful the City of Phoenix heard our call, took swift action, and approved the purchase of a new facility for U.S.VETS, helping ensure Arizona veterans have a roof over their heads,” said Sinema.
“U.S.VETS is so grateful for the overwhelming support of our elected officials and their staff. With community partners like the City of Phoenix and Senator Sinema, this project is becoming a reality. This housing will provide vital resources for our veterans and will help us advance our mission to end veteran homelessness.  This is a huge victory and it would not have been possible without their support,” said Michelle Jameson, Executive Director, U.S.VETS-Phoenix. 

To read Sinema’s full letter advocating on behalf of U.S.VETS-Phoenix click HERE.
U.S.VETS-Phoenix is one of the largest housing providers for veterans experiencing and at risk of homelessness in Arizona. Through no fault of their own, they recently lost their lease for 2021. U.S.VETS reached out to Sinema’s office for help to identify financial support after finding a potential new building but not being able to raise the necessary funds to move. Sinema quickly sent a letter urging the Mayor of Phoenix and the Phoenix City Council to quickly approve support for U.S.VETS’s new building. Less than a week following Sinema’s letter, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the purchase of a new U.S.VETS-Phoenix facility in Northern Phoenix, ensuring over 170 homeless and at risk veterans have safe shelter. 
The funding used to help purchase the new U.S.VETS home was made available due to Sinema-backed CARES Act funding.
U.S.VETS was established with the goal of ending veteran homelessness by providing programs focused on jobs, mental health and housing plans for at-risk veterans. As advocates on the state and federal level, U.S.VETS – Phoenix looks to bring more resources to help service members transition successfully into civilian life. Since its inception in 2001 U.S.VETS – Phoenix has helped over 10,000 veterans along their journey from homelessness to housing.
Sinema has long been a champion of ending veteran homelessness in Arizona. Sinema recently introduced the Homeless Veterans Coronavirus Response Act of 2020—legislation bringing relief and resources to the VA’s Homeless Program Office by expanding its authorities to provide food, transportation, and communications technologies to homeless veterans and easing requirements that are especially onerous during the coronavirus pandemic. Sinema also recently introduced legislation providing a new $75 billion Housing Assistance Fund to help everyday Arizona families afford rent and mortgage payments during the coronavirus pandemic.
Last year, Sinema cosponsored the Homeless Veterans Prevention Act that expands upon existing programs that help homeless veterans and provides greater resources to prevent veteran homelessness.