Sinema, Gila County Supervisor Discuss Sinema-Secured Funding for Gila County

Mar 21, 2022

Gila County Supervisor Woody Cline thanked Sinema for securing $1 million for Gila County, introducing legislation expanding resources for Arizona veterans

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spoke with Gila County Supervisor Woody Cline about the major investments she secured for Gila County, including $472,000 for crucial road re-pavement and $609,000 for wildfire prevention. Supervisor Cline also thanked Sinema for introducing legislation with Arizona Senator Mark Kelly to repurpose the Pleasant Valley Administrative Site in Young, Arizona to establish a veterans center and VA mobile clinic.
“We’re proud to partner with Supervisor Cline to ensure Gila County receives the support it needs – from upgraded roads, to a robust wildfire prevention plan, to resources and facilities for Arizona veterans. I’ll continue working with leaders across Arizona to secure priorities for our state,” said Sinema.  
In the Fiscal Year 2022 federal appropriations legislation, Sinema secured major federal investments for communities across Arizona, including over $1 million for critical upgrades in Gila County. Supervisor Cline thanked Sinema for prioritizing funding for the region, which will boost wildfire prevention and connect communities within the County by repaving and repairing Young Road.
Supervisor Cline also expressed Gila County’s gratitude to Sinema for introducing and cosponsoring legislation that would allow the creation of a veterans community center for the County. The legislation would allow Gila County to apply for, and receive, the conveyance of approximately 232.9 acres of National Forest System land. The land includes several decommissioned Forest Service (FS) ranger stations that includes barracks and bedrooms. The county would use the site as a veterans’ center for retreats, events, and to host a VA mobile clinic.
The FS Pleasant Valley (PV) Administration Site consists of 17 buildings, some of which are on the National Registry of Historic Places (NRHP), and associated acreage. The PV Administration Site is no longer occupied by the National Forest Service. All administrative functions for the Pleasant Valley Ranger District are located in Young, Arizona, and the ranger station was relocated to Payson, Arizona. If the land is conveyed to Gila County, the buildings listed in the NRHP will be removed from the registry.
Breakdown of funding for Gila County secured by Sinema in the Fiscal Year 2022 budget legislation:

 Gila County – Forest Road 512   Repave


Gila County will apply an all-weather surface to Young Road, which is the sole access to the community of Young. This project will ensure that residents, visitors, and emergency services can access the community for work, emergencies, or services including a planned veterans center.

 Gila County – Wildland Fire   Prevention   


Gila County will maintain their water tanks and storage facilities system in the area that allows for quick response aerial firefighting in partnership with the Tonto National Forest and local fire districts. This capability is essential to protect life and property in an area prone to wildfires and to fight fires early, saving on firefighting and recovery costs.