Sinema Discusses Trade, Border Security with Mexico Ambassador

Nov 14, 2019

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with Mexico Ambassador Martha Bárcena to discuss border security and trade between Arizona and Mexico.

“I’m committed to securing Arizona’s border and keeping Arizonans safe, while boosting Arizona job-opportunities through cross-border trade that contributes billions of dollars to our state’s economy,” said Sinema, a member of the Senate Commerce and Homeland Security Committees.

Sinema shared with Ambassador Bárcena Coqui her commitment to continue working across the aisle to strengthen and maintain the United States’ trade relationship with Mexico. Sinema, a strong supporter of the USMCA trade agreement, urged the International Trade Commission to allow Arizona’s tomato trade with Mexico to continue without unnecessary restrictions. Arizona’s tomato trade with Mexico supports 33,000 American jobs and is critical for Arizona’s economy.

Sinema discussed the challenges at Arizona’s southern border and underscored her commitment of working to ensure the fair and humane treatment of migrants seeking asylum.

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