Sinema Discusses Supply Chain Solutions at Roundtable with Arizona Mining and Defense Industry Leaders

Apr 14, 2022

Senator hosted local Arizona mining and defense industry leaders to discuss historic investments her bipartisan infrastructure and jobs law makes to address supply chain challenges

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema hosted a roundtable with local mining and defense industry leaders to discuss how her bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law addresses supply chain challenges and boosts responsible production of critical minerals mining and research that strengthen our national defense.
“Arizona leads the way in our national defense and is home to many of the industries our military relies on to succeed. I’m laser focused on addressing inflation and supply chain challenges affecting Arizona families and businesses, and remain committed to supporting the needs of Arizona’s defense and mining industries so Arizona can continue to grow, thrive, and lead,” said Sinema.
During the roundtable, Sinema highlighted the historic responsible investments in Arizona mining, clean energy technologies, and critical minerals in her bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law – provisions of particular importance to today’s roundtable participants. Critical minerals remain essential components for the clean energy products and infrastructure of the future, and are integral to bolstering national defense. 
Arizona’s defense industry relies on the production of critical minerals to make the F-35, Joint Strike Fighter, and other critical components to military equipment. Currently, China mines 60% of global rare earth elements, crucial to high-tech applications and the magnets needed for electric motors. Moreover, China processes almost 90% of the rare earths regardless of where they are mined. In the meeting, Sinema expressed a desire for Arizona to help lead a resurgence of responsibly produced critical minerals and rare earths that will strengthen national defense and security in America. 
Sinema’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law funds a federal study of the use of abandoned mine lands and mine waste for critical minerals extraction as part of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. The bipartisan legislation also invests billions of dollars into new grants, facilities, and programs – many of which Arizona is expected to compete for – including:

  • $3 billion for Battery Material Processing Grants
  • $3 billion for Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Grants
  • $320 million into the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative
  • $167 million to establish a USGS Energy and Minerals Research Facility
  • $140 million to establish a Rare Earth Elements Demonstration Facility
  • $200 million for an Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second-Life Applications Program
  • $750 million for an Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program
  • $100 million for Critical Minerals Mining and Recycling Research

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