Sinema Discusses Needs of Dialysis Community & Extended Telehealth Flexibilities with Renal Healthcare Association

Jun 3, 2022

Senator’s bipartisan BETTER Kidney Care Act reduces hospitalizations and improves health outcomes for kidney patients with End State Renal Disease

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema and the Renal Healthcare Association, which represents independent and community-based dialysis providers, discussed the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and the need for extended telehealth services for patients with kidney disease.
“Arizona patients and their health care providers should be able to create a treatment plan appropriately balancing in-person and telehealth care – especially if it helps providers to increase access to early kidney disease education,” said Sinema.
The Senator discussed the workforce shortages and their impact on kidney care providers, and which specific positions the shortages have been especially hard-felt. Sinema highlighted her strong support for the entire kidney spectrum of care – from early education and prevention, to Sinema’s BETTER Kidney Care Act to improve care coordination and wraparound services for in-center dialysis, as well as the shift towards at-home dialysis and increased transplants.
Sinema’s bipartisan BETTER Kidney Care Act creates a new Medicare demonstration program focusing on providing preventative and wrap-around care, alongside dialysis, to reduce hospitalizations and improve health outcomes for kidney patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).