Sinema Discusses Implementing the Nearly $1 Billion in Broadband She’s Delivering to Arizona

Jul 25, 2023

In June, Sinema announced nearly $1 billion from her bipartisan infrastructure law to expand high-speed internet access across Arizona

PHOENIX – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema held a roundtable with the Arizona Commerce Authority to discuss implementing the historic investments she secured for Arizona in her bipartisan infrastructure law. 
Last month, Sinema announced that her bipartisan infrastructure law is delivering a record $993,112,231 in funds to expand internet access in rural and historically underserved Arizona communities. At the roundtable, Sinema discussed with stakeholders and local leaders how to effectively and efficiently implement these dollars as quickly as possible. 
“While writing and negotiating my bipartisan infrastructure law, I ensured we made the strongest broadband investment in Arizona’s history – making internet more accessible and affordable for Arizonans in all corners of our state. Now, we’re meeting with Arizonans on the ground to ensure this historic investment is put to good use,” said Sinema, co-author and lead negotiator of the bipartisan infrastructure law. 
Sinema negotiated, wrote, and led the bipartisan infrastructure law through Congress. The Senator’s law makes historic investments in repairing and upgrading America’s critical infrastructure, deploying high-speed broadband, expanding broadband internet access, and helping families afford broadband service. 
Specifically, Sinema’s law will make the internet more affordable and requires internet providers to offer a low-cost option to participate in federal broadband deployment funding. Following passage of the infrastructure law, the Federal Communications Commission established the Affordable Connectivity Program using the funding Sinema secured to help Arizonans access affordable internet. The program provides eligible families $30 a month toward their internet bills and $75 a month toward internet service in tribal areas.
During the roundtable, Sinema discussed how to best deploy the funds she secured with state and local government stakeholders and the private sector to maximize connectivity for everyday Arizonans. The Senator heard from roundtable participants about what regulatory hurdles and barriers they must overcome to make the most of Sinema’s investment, and she committed to being a partner in ensuring the funds are deployed efficiently and effectively. 
Since her infrastructure bill became law, Sinema regularly meets with stakeholders to oversee the implementation process and make certain Arizona gets its fair share of dollars – including her Rural Development Working Group, Valley TeleCom Group, Cable One Phoenix, tribal leaders, and more.