Sinema Discusses Arizona Priorities with the Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition

Mar 7, 2023

Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition presented Sinema with its Annual Policy Document, discussed the importance of investing in critical minerals and strengthening our defense supply chain

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema met with the Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition to hear its policy priorities for the 118th Congress, including advancing the responsible production of critical minerals needed for national defense and energy security, strengthening the workforce to relieve ongoing staffing shortages, cutting supply chain delays, and modernizing defense infrastructure.
“America is stronger and safer thanks to Arizona’s booming defense industry. We’ll keep working to responsibly boost production of critical minerals that strengthen our national security, fuel economic opportunities, and deliver lasting results,” said Sinema.

The Senator has routinely worked with the Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition to bolster critical supply chains and ensure Arizona is at the forefront of providing the minerals and materials needed for national defense and energy security.
Recently, Sinema was presented with recommendations on how to strengthen the critical minerals supply chain from a task force she commissioned through her leadership of the Arizona Defense and Industry Coalition. At Sinema’s direction, the working group is focused on increasing critical minerals and materials from recycling and re-processing waste streams, and improving processing and refining capacity, while ensuring the highest environmental and social standards.
In the annual bipartisan government funding bill last December, Sinema secured key defense and military priorities, including stronger investments for the modernization of military technologies.
Sinema additionally secured historic funding for critical mineral and clean energy supply chains research in her bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs law:

  • $3 billion for Battery Material Processing Grants
  • $3 billion for Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Grants
  • $320 million into the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative
  • $167 million to establish a USGS Energy and Minerals Research Facility
  • $140 million to establish a Rare Earth Elements Demonstration Facility
  • $200 million for an Electric Drive Vehicle Battery Recycling and Second-Life Application Program
  • $750 million for an Advanced Energy Manufacturing and Recycling Grant Program
  • $100 million for Critical Minerals Mining and Recycling Research