Sinema Cosponsors New Bill Supporting Women’s Health Care Training Opportunities for Health Providers

Jun 20, 2023

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema cosponsored the Reproductive Health Care Training Act – legislation to help ensure medical school students, residents, and advanced practice clinicians can access women’s health care training.
“A woman’s health care decisions should be between her, her doctor, and her family. We’re expanding women’s health care training opportunities so Arizona women are better able to receive the care they need,” said Sinema.
The Reproductive Health Care Training Act, cosponsored by Sinema, creates a grant program to help accredited medical schools, health centers, and other safety net providers help medical students and providers receive full training in reproductive health care services regardless of where they live and practice. 
The grant resources allow providers, regardless of their home state or site of care, to continue receiving education and training to be able to provide medically necessary services when needed. Providing opportunities for training and encouraging physicians to provide care in medically underserved areas will help keep sites of care accessible to women.
The Reproductive Health Care Training Act is part of Sinema’s continuing work to protect Arizona women’s health care decisions. The Senator also cosponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act – legislation preventing the government from placing restrictions on women’s access to health care – and introduced the bipartisan Reproductive Freedom For All Act to protect Arizona women’s abilities to make their own health care decisions.