Sinema Continues Strong Support of Ukraine, Calls for Robust Actions Against Russia

Sep 21, 2022

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Russia sanctioned Sinema for her strong support of Ukraine defending itself against Russia’s illegal and unprovoked attacks

WASHINGTON – Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema discussed America’s current sanctions and called for continued robust actions against Russia with officials from the U.S. Departments of Treasury and Justice during a Senate Banking Committee hearing. In her remarks, Sinema invoked the late Arizona Senator John McCain – who, like Sinema, was sanctioned by Russia.
“Arizonans and Americans continue to stand with the Ukrainian people against Russia’s illegal war…We must continue to take smart, robust action to disrupt and dismantle Vladimir Putin’s war machine and bring this bloody, illegal conflict to a close…
“Earlier this month, the Russian government announced that Putin had personally sanctioned me, Senator Kelly, and other distinguished members of this committee. When Senator McCain served in the Senate, he was sanctioned by Putin in the exact same way. I couldn’t be prouder to share such a distinction with him, and I consider it a badge of honor,” said Sinema.

Russia sanctioned 25 Americans – including Sinema – in response to her strong support for America’s sanctions against Russia for its illegal and unprovoked attacks against Ukraine. During the hearing, Sinema discussed America’s sanctions against Russia and how they are crippling Russia’s military and defense production capabilities.
In August, Sinema applauded the Senate’s broad bipartisan vote ratifying Sweden’s and Finland’s membership into NATO. The Senator supported both countries’ NATO membership bids and urged the Biden Administration to support an expedient approval of these two bids.